Wish List

A FabLab is never complete. There are always new tools and new facilities needed or waiting to be installed. The ‘Lab is a charitable incorporated organisation and currently runs entirely on volunteer help and sponsorship.

Donations of tools are always welcome, whether new or used in working or repairable order. Please contact us if you have anything to offer. FabLab is a registered charity so commercial donors can benefit from tax relief. Donors’ logos will be featured on our home page in the list of sponsors.

If you’d like to join FabLab as a volunteer helper then please get in touch.

For FabLab members, there is absolutely no obligation, but if you wish you can show your appreciation of FabLab by getting involved and helping to extend the ‘Lab to make it better for everyone. There are many new facilities that we’re still working on and which you might like to get stuck into. Enthusiastic helpers will see a plaque with their name on it by their good work… though they may be asked to engrave the plaque themselves using one of FabLab’s CNC machines 🙂

FabLab members are welcome to specify any machines or tools they’d like to see added to this wishlist.

The following projects are in progress and need completing:

This website: requires additional documentation, especially safety documentation for all machines. Requires blog entires for earlier events, member builds, installations and fundraising activities.

Lathe: donation of any metal-working lathe – small or large, single or 3-phase – would be fantastic!

Welding station: requires specifying and installation.

Soldering, electronics, Arduino station: requires specifying and installation.

SheetCNC: safety-barrier requires final tidying and a door

Pillar drill: requires shield-bolting to floor and electrical safety-testing.

Scrollsaw/fretsaw: requires electrical safety testing and a suitable workbench.

Studiomill: see progress manual.

F1 In Schools: trolley requires adapting (welding) for easy transport of the racetrack between buildings.