Who can use FabLab Pembrokeshire? Anyone. Any age. Any skill level. For hobby, education, and business development.

What can I make at FabLab? Almost anything. We are still growing the ‘Lab so even if  we don’t yet have the tools you would need, do tell us what it is you would like to make so that we can upgrade our workshops to suit. Our initial goal is to provide comprehensive tooling and support for working with metal, plastic, wood, electronics, and Arduino programmables. We aim to equip with tooling for both CAD/CAM/CNC work and for hand-crafting.

What does it cost to use FabLab? Nothing. FabLab is completely free to the public. You pay only for the materials that you use.

What tools does FabLab have? Lots and a growing inventory!  Please see the facilities page. If you need a particular tool that we don’t have, just ask. See also our wish list.

Can I hire FabLab for a corporate or educational event? The FabLab can be made available as a ‘blank canvas’ to suitably qualified groups, with or without expert assistance on hand. The Bridge Innovation Centre – which incorporates FabLab – can provide conference suites and event spaces.

Does FabLab run open days? The ‘Lab runs Big Bang days for school parties (home-schooled pupils are welcome to join in). We also run occasional open days for the public featuring hands-on maker events. Some of these events are ticketed. The events are offered direct to schools and publicised via the local press.

Can FabLab make something for me, on commission? We can circulate your requirements amongst the members as a potential project for them to take on. FabLab does not take commissions directly. Or you can become a FabLab member and we’ll help you to make it yourself.

How can I help FabLab? Thanks for asking! You can help in so many ways. You might like to join, learn to use the tools, and perhaps then help others to learn and make interesting things. You could suggest ways for FabLab – which is a charity run by volunteers – to raise funds. And we’re always delighted to receive donations of materials or equipment, or any financial help.